Whether you shoot professionally or occasionally in your back yard, having on a pair of air pistol shooting glasses should become standard. Although many argue that they are often unnecessary, these glasses prevent certain dangers and provide benefits that might change your mind.

Shooting Glasses vs. Safety Glasses

They appear to serve the same purpose, but glasses used for shooting and those for safety are not the same. Safety glasses are designed to keep materials like debris and chemicals from coming into contact with the eyes. However, safety glasses may or may not be built for shooting and provide less protection against harder materials than their counterpart.

Air gun shooting glasses, on the other hand, are tested for ballistic resistance, which is much higher than those of safety eyewear. Not only do they provide superior safety, they can be customized for comfort, style and to improve overall shooting performance.

Provides Superior Safety

Air pistol shooting eyewear provides more protection from debris and other potentially harmful particles than the safety kind. And no matter how frequently you shoot or how experienced you may be, accidents still happen. Therefore, shooting glasses are a simple, affordable and effective safety precaution.

Protects from Deflecting Substances

Ricochet — when a substance or item hits a surface, deflects and bounces back to the place or person from which it was projected — is a real threat in air gun shooting. Even more so because of the smaller range. Any shooting glasses with a rating of ANSI Z87.1 or higher can provide sufficient protection against this common problem.

Prepares the Aspiring Professional

There is always potential for your hobby to turn into a career. And in professional air pistol shooting, protective eyewear is a requirement to participate in competitions. Making eye protection a habit can be convenient if you ever decide to join the big leagues.

Improves and Sharpens Your Aim

Shooting glasses can be customized or styled to help you zero in on the target. By simply sharpening the contrast between the black and white of targets, shooting glasses can significantly improve your aim and boost performance.

With today’s varying designs, you can choose the lens, color and frame that maximize both safety and precision. Titanium frames and plastic varieties offer comfort while wrap-arounds increase safety. You can also choose lenses that block glare, those that distinguish target from background and designs that enhance your vision in low-lit or darker settings.

In addition to just being good firearm safety practice, having air pistol shooting glasses can help hone your skills. Take time to select a design that offers adequate protection, target enhancement, comfort and style.