More and more people are switching from using synthetic perfumes to natural fragrances for a number of reasons. There are people with sensitive skin or conditions like asthma who seem to be allergic to almost all synthetic perfumes and they are left with no choice but to use natural fragrances. More people are also realizing that natural scents are good for their health and the environment as well. The skin is the largest organ in the body and whatever is applied onto it will ultimately find its way into the blood stream. Natural fragrances have no chemical additives that may have terrible effects on the body.

Types of Natural Scents

There are many types of natural fragrances available. There are those that are made from animal-based ingredients and those that are made from plant-based ingredients. Some are made of a mixture of both plant-based and animal-based ingredients. The scents vary depending on the ingredients used and it is entirely up to you to decide which type you prefer. The ingredients used to make natural fragrances are natural extracts to give them the unique scent; plant oil to increase the staying power; natural alcohol and water. Natural antioxidants are added to increase the shelf life. Glycerin is also used in some natural perfumes.

How to Make Natural Fragrances Stay Longer

Natural fragrances smell amazing, but the scents do not last as long as synthetic scents. This is because synthetic scents are made with some chemical additives that make the scent last longer. Additionally, natural ingredients break down faster than synthetic ingredients. However, there are some things you can do to make your natural scent last longer. Moisturized skin holds scents for longer than dry skin, so applying a moisturizer before applying the perfume will make the scent stay longer. You can also layer the scent—using products with the same scent as the perfume you are using, from shower gel to moisturizer and anything else you wish to use. You should also keep the perfume bottle away from direct sunlight and heat as the ingredients break down faster when exposed to heat and sunlight.


Natural fragrances are becoming more widely available because of the increase in demand. Natural ingredients are more expensive than and not as easy to obtain as synthetic ingredients. You should therefore be careful when buying natural fragrances because there are many brands that claim to be selling all-natural fragrances but contain a lot of synthetic ingredients. Perfumers are getting better and better at the art of making natural fragrances and soon, they will be at par with synthetic perfumes in terms of staying power.