Although diamonds have long been a girl’s best friend, some women may consider expanding their circles to include the Amora Gem. With their many exceptional qualities, these rare gemstones make excellent diamond substitutes or additions to a diamond jewelry collection. Like that of any unprecedented rising star, the story of the Amora Gem’s popularity begins at its formation.

Amora crystal is a half-carbon, half-silicon gemstone that is only formed naturally in the extremely high temperatures produced by stars. Amora Gems are grown in labs that simulate star-like heat conditions. Although they are lab-created and therefore relatively inexpensive, Amora Gems are far from cheap knockoffs; in their purest forms, they are completely colorless, and their durability ensures that they will last a lifetime. Those looking to buy an Amora Gem can purchase a single stone or a range of finished jewelry products like rings and pendants. Each gemstone is delivered with a lab report from the North American Gemological Laboratory that guarantees the color, clarity, and carat of the stone.

When the Amora Gem is compared to the diamond, Amora Gems are equal if not superior. The high temperature required to produce the gems allows the finished product to withstand heat up to 5162 F (2850 C), a temperature that would disintegrate diamonds, which are heat-resistant up to 1652 F (900 C). Amora Gems are comparable to diamonds of D, E, and F color, and the Mohs hardness of the two stones is almost identical. All round Amora Gems are hearts and arrows cut, the gold standard of round gemstones that most diamonds never reach. Because they are created in a lab, Amora Gems can retail for as much as 95% less than a similar diamond, and they present no ethical or environmental concerns.

Amora Gems are available in a wide variety of cuts, including the ones most commonly associated with diamond engagement rings. The soft round, cushion, and oval cuts are romantic, and the defined edges of the princess and asscher cuts add modern flair. One uncommon cut option is the Old European cut, which is similar to the round brilliant that is popular today. In the near future, buyers will be able to purchase emerald cut Amora Gems. This cut will be named Krupp after the famous diamond worn by actress Elizabeth Taylor.

The Amora Gem may become the new standard gemstone of the day. These lovely gems boast impressive durability, high-quality cut and color, and ethical production.