Titanium pens are ideal as they make you enjoy writing, and they are also cool to have. However, you might be wondering what other features come with this nib. If so, it is best for you to learn about the product and so that you can understand if it is something you should have or not. Before you purchase a titanium fountain pen, find out what you need to know about this pen.

High Quality

One of the reasons to invest in the pen is that it is made of high-quality material. You need to note that these pens are made using space-age materials, which will make you enjoy using the product every day. These nibs are made using sturdy materials that will serve you for a long time. In case you are looking for a high-quality pen to use, this is the product for you to use.

Refillable Ink

You should also purchase the product because it will come with a simple to use refillable ink converter. All you will be needed to do when refilling the ink is to twist the top, and the pen will suction in ink. That will take a few minutes, and even if the ink runs dry, you will not have to worry as the product will be easy to use and will offer you the best outcome. Before buying, you should learn how to refill the ink not to damage the pen.


In case you are thinking of getting the pen, you will find it has an appealing appearance. It has an industrial clip coating on titanium, and it also has ceramic beads. The clips are strong and durable, and you will not have to be worried when you are storing the product on the pen pouch or carrying it in your pocket. You should purchase the pen because it is made using a hard cemented tungsten glass beaker. Though it is hard, it has a velvet glove that makes it soft on your hands.


In case you are titanium fountain pen, you have to take the time to purchase a high-quality product. Before you buy, it is ideal for you to ensure that you have invested in a high-quality product and one that will serve your needs. After you choose right, you will find that the pen will not only be comfortable when you write, it will look cool and will also serve you for a long time.