It wasn’t that long ago that people with dark-colored eyes who wanted to wear contact lenses were limited to just a few options. Fortunately, times have changed. With today’s technology color contacts for dark eyes can be used to create dramatic effects or even change your eye color altogether.

Blue Contact Lenses

When you have brown eyes and you buy blue-colored contacts you’ll want to find a company that has a strong blue tint to their contact lenses. There are a few brands that you can choose from here depending on what shade of blue you like the most.

Gray Contact Lenses

Unfortunately, you won’t always be able to see grey contact lenses when worn over your brown eyes. This is why you’ll need to experiment with a few different brands and shades in order to get your desired look. In doing so you’ll find some grey contacts look more like arctic blue and others pale heather.

Green Contact Lenses

Another popular option for dark eyes is green. Unlike some of the other colors that are available, green typically blends better. These will look especially good on people whose eyes have green undertones or flecks to them.

Honey Contact Lenses

Both honey and hazel contacts will help lighten your brown eyes by adding a warm, dark shade of gold to them. This is how fans of Twilight’s vampires are able to recreate the dramatic eye color of these characters.

Individualize Your color contacts for dark eyes, it’s important to remember that even though a certain color of contact lens may look great on someone else you aren’t guaranteed that you’ll achieve the same results. Two people can wear the exact same product and yet they’ll still achieve two looks that are entirely different from one another. This is why you’ll need to experiment with different brands and colors to find something that’ll work well for your dark-colored eyes.

While you can usually depend upon the manufacturer’s color charts to be true to the color you should also look upon them as merely a guide. Not only will a person’s natural eye color and skin tone play an important role in how the lens looks but if you’re viewing the color settings online your device will also have an impact upon how they appear here versus in real life. This is why you’ll also want to look at reviews and customer feedback before deciding what to buy.