Are you having astigmatism? Have you struggled to get the best lenses but still unable to determine the right ones for your condition? Well, there are many people out there who are like you but do not despair since we’ve got a solution for you. Keep reading this post to get that sigh of relief you’ve been longing for.

How Do Toric Contact Lenses for Astigmatism Work? People who have astigmatism can have their conditions corrected with the help of toric lenses. These special lenses are aimed at helping such people gain a balanced and clear vision while at the same time helping them feel comfortable while wearing their pair of contact lenses. But what makes toric lenses so essential for people with astigmatism? The potential of toric lenses lies in their torus shape—this shape is responsible for enabling the lenses to adjust depending on the eye condition, offering patients of astigmatism an accurate and clearer vision.

Toric lenses are also designed to work with axis and cylinder values. Ideally, the axis figure describes the level and location of astigmatism. The figure may range between 5-180 degrees. On the other hand, the figure representing the cylinder value is the power of the lenses when it comes to correcting the vision. Perhaps these are the reasons toric contact lenses are commonly known as cylinder contact lenses.

Why are Toric Lenses the Best?

This is the question most commonly asked by people with astigmatism and who are advised to buy this type of lenses. Without a doubt, toric lenses are a unique type of lens that is a perfect choice for correcting astigmatism. One of the reasons why they are reliable is that they offer varied correctional powers for different meridians of the lens. In addition, they adjust in a manner that allows for a perfect alignment of the powers with the meridians of the eye in order to achieve that best visual correction.

How Long Shall My Prescription Lenses for Astigmatism Last?

How long your lenses last is dependent upon the choice of the lenses. You can find dailies, two-weekly, monthly, or even yearly lenses. Two-weekly, monthly or yearly lenses are generally low cost but require a lot of care such as disinfection, cleaning on a daily basis. While they are seen as cost-effective options, longer-wear contact lenses are pricey when it comes to being replaced. Therefore, consider your capacity and level of hygiene before deciding the Toric Contact Lenses for Astigmatism to buy.