It’s time to start playing for your cosplay or anime party, and indeed, this planning is incomplete without anime contact lenses. No matter how beautiful your costume is, you must consider the best design from the latest anime collection. Here are four popular designs you should consider.

Star Lenses

When you follow a cosplay character and look for eye contact that can bring the best in yourself, it’s better to opt for star lenses. You can find tons of colors and design options. However, try to pick one with a more prominent star, so when you wear those contacts, it will bring an extra sparkly shine into your eyes, which is when you match with familiar anime characters.

Sclera Lenses

Want to adopt a villain role from your favorite anime series? It would be best if you considered buying sclera lenses as they bring magical appeal to your persona. Don’t buy full black sclera as it only brings Halloween vibes; instead, go with one with a black base to cover your sclera area, but the iris and the pupil must have bold shades.

GEO Anime Contacts

They are the most popular version of anime lenses that you can buy online and in the market. You can find them in varied colors and designs. Some anime lenses are plain dark shades like red, purple, and green, while others have colorful lines and texture for adding some extra charm.

Galaxy Lenses

The sparkle in an innocent anime character’s eyes is something that everyone desires to have in their own eyes. Fortunately, you can instill that beauty element by picking anime galaxy design. Followers of co-play always opt for galaxy eye contacts as nothing looks as impressive as this specific design. Don’t buy single shade galaxy contacts as you can find one with double shade where half grey is mixed beautifully with half grey. And this soothing color combo always looks fascinating.

Manga and Kawaii Contacts

No matter what Manga or Kawaii series you are following, online stores allow you to have your hands on a wide variety of anime lenses. You need to type the name of a specific character alongside a particular design, and you will come across a full collection dedicated to anime lovers.

When you buy anime contact lenses during the festive season like Halloween or Cosplay party, many stores offer 2 get one free offers. You can ask your friends to buy from the same shop so that one friend can make the most of the free offer.