There is a wide variety of blue eye contacts available in the market, but not every color is suitable for your skin tone and complexion. You are buying colored contacts to change your whole look in the right way. However, when you pick a wrong shade, then you might successfully change your facial look and appeal, but nothing is good about it. So, make sure you carefully choose the best shade for you.

Dark Blue Shade – People with fair complexion should opt for dark blue shade as they look super cute with this color. Girls with dark complexion don’t look great with dark blue as darkness in the eyes and skin doesn’t create an enticing combination. On the flip side, dark blue eyes with pinkish white skin offer a dark and light combination, and this combo is super attractive.

Light Blue Shade – Girls with a fair and dark complexion can opt for light blue shade. However, please don’t go with sky color as most of the time, it makes your eyes look lifeless. A light blue shade with more white in it is suitable only for costume parties. When you have a regular party, try to pick a soft blue hue as it offers natural appeal.

Triple Blue Shade – No matter what your complexion is and how you look, this specific shade can blend beautifully with your skin and bring an aura of glam into your persona. When you are not sure what color of blue lenses will work for you, always opt for this one.

Hazel Blue Shade- Brown Girls should consider buying hazel blue as it instills an element of beauty into your persona. Hazel shades blend aesthetically with your brown complexion. Wear these lenses and apply dark brown eyeliner; this is how you will get your casual party looks instantly.

Green Blue Shade – Nothing looks as astonishing as green mixed with blue. It’s like a beautiful ocean shade where blue is more than green. Girls with light complexion should consider getting this tint as it makes their look super charming.

Aqua Blue – Girls who want to boost up their eyeballs instantly can opt for aqua blue shade. Girls with light and dark complexion can consider wearing these blue eye contacts. This specific color will present an ocean image in your eyes and make other people notice you more. So, if you want to get attention at a party or some other event, go with this specific color.