When it comes to selecting colored contacts, not every color is designed for your eyes. Therefore, it’s essential to understand what specific color would look great on your eyes. Your real eye color is a crucial consideration while buying fashion contact lenses. If you don’t consider this factor, you probably end up buying a shade that doesn’t compliment your personality.

The Best Colors for Dark Eyes

Do you have dark and deep eyes? You surely need to select those eye contacts with more opaque lenses, as it would bring a dramatic change in your look. When this lens would show through your iris, it would make a vivid impression. In case you are looking for a lens that can offer a natural look and appeal, buy a less opaque lens for this purpose. Mostly girls with brown eyes select dark and vibrant blue shade as it would change their personality significantly. Another colored contacts for brown eyes is grey and hazel. Light hazel makes brown eyes give an exact honey shade that looks super glamorous. A tint of grey in brown eyes helps you imitate Kylie Jenner’s eye look.

The Best Colors for Blue Eyes

Girls with brown eyes like to change their eye color to blue, while those with blue eyes love to transform their look with dark shades. If you have blue eyes and are looking for the best color recommendation, you should opt for dark pink. This eyeshadow looks super cute on a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. Another color that blends beautifully with natural blue eyes is mystery red. The intricate design pattern of such lenses brings an adorable look for its wearer. In case you have dark blue eyes, you should buy eye contact with a color something in between grey and light blue.

The Best Colors for Green Eyes

Girls with green eyes always look super stunning. However, they still want to transform their facial look, and the best option is to use colored contact. If a girl has a fair skin tone, she should opt for brown and hazel contacts to bring extra glam factor into one’s persona. Girls with dark skin tone and green eyes should opt for a light blue color to enhance the cuteness factor into personality. Grey-blue shade brings mesmerizing appeal as well.

For a dramatic appeal, pick an opposite shade to your natural eyeshade. In case you need a natural tone, then stick to some family shades of your real eye color.