When running for 30 minutes or less, you may be able to get by without carrying anything. You can just hurry back home and get what you need after. However, things get harder as you go longer. You may get thirsty mid-run and you still have 10K to go. You could pause your watch and buy something at a convenience store, but what if you are training on the trails? Carrying water from the start would be the smart decision. Instead of holding a bottle in your hand, consider using a Fitletic Hydration Belt instead. Aside from water, you will also have space for the following:

Your Mobile Phone

In case of emergency, it’s always good to have your phone handy. You can ask someone to pick you up, get an ambulance if you get into an accident, check the maps if you get lost, or use mobile apps to purchase things along the way. Many use their phones to track their runs so that they don’t have to purchase a separate running watch. Others simply like to take pictures on their routes.

Your Thin Card Wallet

Wallets have shrunk these days since most people don’t carry much cash. They prefer the convenience of a credit card or a debit card. A thin card wallet with a few slots is all you need to get by. You can put your driver’s license and other IDs in the other slots. These can slide into the hydration belt with ease.

Your Gels and Bars

For long runs, thirstiness isn’t the only problem. You will probably get hungry as well. Even if your tummy isn’t exactly grumbling, it’s still a good idea to keep your energy up by consuming gels at regular intervals. That interval is different for everyone so try to figure out what works best for your body. You can also bring energy bars for something more substantial. This can serve as your initial recovery meal right after you finish.

Your Car and House Keys

Keep these important items safe and secure while you run. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that these are always within reach. Zippered pockets will ensure that you never lose them. Just enjoy your workout, come back to your car, and drive back home.

As you can see the Fitletic Hydration Belt is quite useful and versatile. Use it once and you will never want to go on a run without the belt.