Shifting from eyeglasses to contact lenses is a big move. It is not just a matter of getting smaller eyepieces. These are fundamentally different in design and operation. Many are attracted to contacts because of their subtlety. You can wear them and people wouldn’t realize it because they are so tiny. They won’t bounce the way that glasses do when playing sports. They can even change your eye color if you wore colored contacts. Just make sure that you consult a doctor before making the big shift. You may also want to consider the following questions:

Do you need vision correction?

Some colored contacts do not feature any lens power for vision correction. They will not affect the sharpness of text when you read and so on. These are purely for cosmetic purposes such as costumes and the like. Others are suitable as replacements for prescription glasses. If you are aiming to wear these often, then you might have to look for this type of contacts. Ask your eye doctor for guidance about which ones you should get.

Can you keep up with lens care?

With eye glasses, you can use a soft cloth to remove the dirt and dust on the surfaces from time to time easily. It is simple and fast. With contact lenses, it is different because these come into contact directly with your eyes. You need to clean them with the provided liquid solution to prevent the growth of bacteria and other harmful organisms that could damage your eyes. You also have to handle them carefully when putting them on or off. This can be a challenge for first-time users.

What kind of change are you aiming for?

You need to figure out what look you want to achieve by wearing colored contacts. Do you just want to make your natural eye color appear more vibrant with an enhancement tint? Do you want to try a totally different eye color to see how it might look? The latter will require an opaque lens to hide the current color and make the new one stand out.

Is the product comfortable to wear?

Contact lenses are not made equally. Some brands have figured out ways to make their products more comfortable to wear for extended periods. They infuse these with moisture to prevent dryness and irritation. Some lenses are made for people with certain eye conditions so be mindful of this as well.