If you know of only one way to wear a sarong, that’s boring. The sarong is one of the most versatile clothes that you can wear for different occasions. It all depends on the outfits you want to pair it with and where you tie the knot. Let us look at some of the most trending styles for the beach sarong.

The side knot

It is not without a reason that the side knot is the most popular way of styling the beach sarong. Tying this knot is not only easy but also looks amazing when you have a matching bikini. All you have is to fold the cloth in half diagonally, wrap it on your waist, and join the loose ends. This leaves one hip exposed for that beach-girl look.

Bandeau Style

Use your sarong as a bathing suit by tying it as a bandeau top dress. Hold the sarong in full length at your back then bring the loose ends to the front from under your arms. Fasten the ends to a huge bow then tuck it sideways.

Front-less/ Backless Halter Style

Whether you want to expose your beautiful back or show off the front selectively, the sarong is your ideal dress. Hold the scarf horizontally then bring it to the front. Twist the right and left sides and tie the knot at the nape of your back for a front-less halter style. Starting this process from the back achieves the backless effect.

The Long skirt style

The sarong is easily styled as a long skirt if you omit the folding step in the short skirt style. Firstly, hold the cloth horizontally and wrap it as if it were a towel. Now take the top corners and twist them to get enough length for making a knot. Tie a knot and tuck the material on the front. Alternatively, twist the sarong to either side to make it look like a long skirt with a slit.

One-Shoulder Dress

The sarong equally makes a stylish one-shoulder dress appropriate for the beach breeze. Begin by holding the material vertically then wrap the short side under your arm. Adjust the top corners over the shoulder and make a double knot. Gather enough material on the same side but at the waist and make another knot.


Whether you are out on vacation or simply enjoying a summer afternoon at the beach, a beach sarong is a wonderful way to cover yourself. Elevate your beach ensembles by styling the sarong as a short skirt, halter, bandeau or any other way you find appealing. Add a bit of color by pairing it with a colorful bikini.