Buying a gift for someone is often easy enough. You know what they want, you go out and buy it, and both the gift giver and the gift recipient are happy and fulfilled. However, what do you get the person who already has everything or doesn’t hesitate to buy what they want and need for themselves? How can you make a gift-giving occasion really special? Here’s an idea. You can buy a little piece of heaven. There are more stars in the sky than anyone could count. Now, you can purchase one of those stars for a specific person. Here are some of the best reasons to buy a star for someone.

Wedding Gift

If you’re getting married and you don’t want to give your future spouse a watch or a piece of jewelry or any of the other typical presents people give to each other on their wedding day, consider a star. It’s unique. It’s meaningful, and it tells that person that they’re special. This is a great gift not only for the person you’re marrying, but also for a couple who is newly engaged or getting married. Instead of choosing something off the registry or writing out a check to stick inside a card, buy them a star.

Thank You Gift

Maybe someone has done something really special for you. They’ve gone above and beyond the general expectations of any relationship, and you want an imaginative way to express your gratitude. Consider assigning them a star. This will surprise them and give them a story to tell their friends. It will also ensure you’re welcomed back to ask another favor if you should need it.

New Baby Gift

If someone you know and love has just had a baby, they’ll likely be receiving a lot of diapers, clothing, and accessories such as bottles and toys. It’s unlikely they’ll receive a star. Buy one in the new baby’s name and it’s a treasure that child will enjoy for life.

In Memory Gift

Need to send condolences but you’re not sure how? Send a star. It may help your friend or family member feel closer to their recently departed loved one.

The fact is, you can buy a star for someone for just about anyone and for any reason. The purchase will come with paperwork that identifies the star and assigns it to the person you’ve gifted. This is not a boring gift. It comes with a lot of meaning and thought, and your kindness will be remembered for a long time.