Well, everybody once saw Marilyn Monroe saying that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, but I can tell you that it is a new kid on the block — moissanite.

Moissanite is a very rare crystal that, at first, had been mistakenly recognized as diamond. It has very unique properties like being one of the hardest material known, just below that of diamond and optical characteristic that exceeds the diamond itself (like brilliance — quantity of white light that returns to your eyes and fire — the light dispersion through the gem that creates flashes of color).

Artificial moissanite was created in 1998 and is now a natural alternative to the diamonds in all uses and jewellery as well, once the similarity is above the cut, color or clarity but decreases considerably the investment on it.

And if one of your worries is being socially responsible, moissanite became even more attractive, because they are not associated with blood diamonds.

Talking about jewellery and if you are thinking on propose her, all kind of thoughts surely crossed your mind. Beyond the practical solid daily needs, like a house (that will became your home — yours and hers) and if you are going to have a classic wedding ceremony or not, and so on and on, one of the main link between two of you is the engagement ring and the symbolism that it carries on.

Of course you are talking seriously, so the engagement ring will mirror your commitment for life.

You can imagine about many different styles, starting on the metal: beginning on the modern stainless steel, going through silver, titanium, platinum (the favorite when we are talking about engagement rings) and the traditional gold (as yellow gold, white gold and rose gold). All these options can offer to you the opportunity to introduce your personal touch in this symbol.

And talking about style, you can think about the solitaire: the classic traditional one diamond ring that can have various prong settings and bands.

You can think about a trinity ring or trilogy ring that uses a horizontal set of three diamonds, a little one, the bigger followed by another little one that represents the twosome past, present and future. A wise and tender symbol for you two.

Another option is a bridal set that comprises a matching engagement ring and wedding band. This bridal set (aka wedding set) of two rings can be bought together at a lower price, even though the wedding band will be used obviously only after the wedding day.

It is an unlimited number of choices, and you can select a great gem that will not fade in a lifetime, socially responsible, with a tenth of the price — moissanite.