If you are looking for custom printed wallets, you should have a clear idea of what you want before you even start your search. This is because these wallets come in different styles. In addition, the materials used for the wallets are not always the same. For this reason, you should figure out the material you need for the wallets and the type of printing you want to see on the wallet you have chosen.

Pure Leather or Synthetic Leather

You can opt for pure leather wallets or you can go wallets made of synthetic leather. Both options have their advantages so this is simply a matter of personal preference. If you opt for pure leather wallets, you might spend more or these products. On the other hand, synthetic leather wallets will cost you a little bit less so it all depends on your budget for the wallets.

Creating Your design

If you have made your choice between pure leather and synthetic leather, the next stage is the design you want on your wallet. If you have computer skills, you can simply create your own design using computer software and graphic programs. If you cannot create your own design, you should contact a graphic artist to do this for you. Once you have the artwork you like, you can buy the wallets you love and move on to the next step of the process.

Transferring Artwork to Wallet

You can transfer our artwork to the wallet using a number of processes. The most popular processes are screen-printing and heat transfer. If you have an excellent screen printer, you can use the screen-printing technique. In this case, the expert creates a mesh from your artwork. This mesh is then transferred to your wallet easily. This s a relatively simple process and it is best for you if you are working with relatively few wallets.

If you are not keen on screen-printing, you should consider the heat transfer method. In this case, you use hi-tech processes to transfer the design to your wallet. This process gives you near-perfect designs and this is why it s very popular. The heat transfer process is more expensive than the screen-printing process but you get excellent value for money with this process.

Final Word

If you want to produce custom printed wallets, you can use the heat transfer or screen-printing methods described above. Get the perfect design and buy the wallet. Once you have done this, you transfer the design to the wallet and the process is complete. This is how to get the custom wallet you love.