Buying silver jewelry is confusing, especially for first-time buyers. These jewels are exquisite, but finding the right quality pieces is hard. Online and local shops sell these pieces of jewelry. Therefore, you need information about silver jewels to ensure you purchase high-quality items. Some sellers stock fake silver jewelry and use marketing language to convince buyers to acquire the pieces. Be careful when selecting your jewels and ensure you acquire authentic items. Settle for silver Bollywood jewelry pieces crafted by professional artisans. Here are tips to adhere to when choosing silver Bollywood jewelry.


Authentic silver is among the most valuable metals in the world. The price tagged on silver jewelry will help you determine if its original or fake. Compare the market prices and settle for highly-priced jewels as they are made from sterling silver metal. Determine the average price charged for this metal and identify jewels that are undercharged. Shun from buying cheap silver necklaces as their quality is compromised. Remember to inquire about the return policies before paying for the earrings.

Engage the Seller

Hold a conversation with the sellers to learn about the metal used to craft the earrings and neckless they sell. Use this chance to inquire about the jewel pricing, source, plus hallmarks. Prepare your questions for you to get the right answers from the right person. In addition, leading jewelry sellers are willing to respond to all queries from their clients and potential customers. Visit physical stalls to acquire all the details you need as you look about to determine their collections.

Look for Specifications

Check out for certain marks in your jewelry to determine its authenticity. The hallmarks are in discrete places on the jewels, and in most instances, they are tiny. Therefore, get a magnifying glass when checking for the hallmarks and ensure the space is well lite. The jewelry sellers should help you find the markings as they are familiar with these metals. Fake and low-quality silver jewel lack this hallmark. Thus, avoid buying expensive jewelry online, especially from sellers without a physical outlet.


Make sure that you conduct a physical test to verify the authenticity of the metal. The tests are safe and will not change the color nor shape of original silver metals. Use a magnet to test the presence of any other metal in your jewelry. Pure silver will not latch on the magnet. In addition, engage an appraisal to help you pick original silver pieces