The calf-length skirt is the enemy of women looking for momentum, the same is true for mermaid skirts, many beautiful to look at, but unsuitable for small women or a few extra pounds.

The ideal skirt is the one that goes down to the knee or even better, in case the legs are slim, the miniskirt and Designer Scarves. The pants that make the figure more tapered are certainly the cigarette ones, with a straight and classic cut.

However, palazzo pants are back in vogue and can help slim the silhouette as long as they are paired with high-heeled shoes that remain covered by pants and Designer Scarves. Both in the case of skirts and trousers the high waist is the winning one because it creates the illusion of longer legs.

Traditionally known for its slimming power, black is the color that has the power to optically slim the silhouette. For those who want to try a less sober color, they can focus on other colors, as long as the result is a monochromatic look. The presence of more colors creates the broken effect.

White, commonly associated with an effect of widening the figure, can actually become an ally of the silhouette when the look is total white. Patterns or diagonal lines can be used in sheath dresses and Designer Scarves. If placed at the side of the garment in question, they produce the illusion of a thinning of the waist area.

For slainstead of turning the figure it is necessary to avoid fancy colors, fabrics with important prints and the presence of horizontal lines. For women in search of momentum, but who do not want to give up the lines, they can choose them vertically since they help to lengthen the figure in the same direction.

Some items of clothing are likely to turn into real errors due to our body morphology which, instead of highlighting our strengths, highlight the weaknesses that each of us has.

The long piece is a very pretty and refined skirt: its biggest limitation, however, is to cut the leg just below the knee or, worse, mid-calf. If nature has endowed us with an important backside but a few centimeters in height to dress, this type of garment is to be avoided.

Even the less adherent ones, such as wheels, risk cutting the figure and widening it horizontally, even with a high waist. If you love this kind of life, Opt for shorter skirts that make the figure slimmer or, paradoxically, longer to the ankles. Low life creates a problem of proportions and fails to manage optimally.