Meditation and yoga are often associated with the burning of incense sticks, which are usually lit in temples. These sticks are manufactured using natural resources and components. The most predominant component being bamboo, whose quality varies depending on the aroma produced. Plant material of pure rolled sticks have the highest quality and is common in the Japanese culture and practice of best incense brands. Such incense brands are entirely natural, offering a rather sweet fragrance that suits meditation and yoga. Incense is mostly used in the preparation of space prior to meditation or other spiritual indulgences. It is believed that this delicate smoke of incense sticks is used in creating a conducive environment by ruling out negative drives and energies. Additionally, the smoke helps in the purification of the patterns of stuck vibrations. Notably, burning incense sticks can also facilitate a good household environment after a series of disagreements to calm the occupants. Here are some of the features of the best incense brands.

The shape of the Incense

The shape of the incense is a typical indicator of the quality of the brand. Different shapes exist and require their unique equipment. Some of the distinct shapes include resin, cone, and stick. For instance, stick brands are long and thin and straightforward in their placement and preparation. Sticks can be placed in a simple holder, such as a sand-filled bowl or holder. Conversely, cone-shaped incense resembles candles and requires a holder that can be as simple as a tiny dish to collect the ash when the incense burns out. Nevertheless, resin shapes present an intricate brand that uses charcoal and censors. Additionally, resins cannot be left burning without supervision, as they can be hazardous. However, the beauty of using resins lies in the ability to combine different varieties to invent a novel fragrance of choice.


Best brands come with distinct fragrances, which can be daunting to choose from. The best way of settling for a particular scent is by looking at its nature. Natural incenses come with the best fragrances. Choosing a fragrance of your choice will require that you consider the name and type of wood used for the manufacture of the incense.


Almost every commodity, if not all, comes with its price tag. Incenses are also bought. The cost of incense varies from the type of material used to the locality of manufacture. Always consider going for what is within your budget. However, the best brands have higher prices.


The burning of incense invokes serenity. Therefore, as you consider the features mentioned above, appreciate the use and pacifying role of incense.