These days, people spend more time in front of their smartphones and laptop. They should buy anti-blue-ray shades to protect their eyes and enjoy a peaceful sleep. Although these glasses have become an everyday necessity and people wear them at home, it doesn’t mean buying boring designs. It’s time to dig into some trendy designs of fashion computer glasses.

Cat-Eye Plastic frame

This design is becoming quite popular among girls who need a feminine touch in their glasses’ designs. A person can get these glasses in different shades. Buy from a place where a person can get a return warranty, so she can quickly return a product if a particular shade doesn’t look great. Instead of buying light colors, go with bold hues like black or blue.

Club-master style

Guys working in the tech industry always search for a design that can bring a person’s nerdy appeal. In that case, they can go straight to the store and buy club-master style glasses with the clear lens as they always look super promising.

Transparent Lens

If a person doesn’t like to wear glass but it’s unavoidable as he spends more time in front of the computer, it’s better to go with a transparent lens. The best thing about clear frames is that they don’t bring a significant change in appearance while protecting the eye in the best manner.

Glasses with Magnification

In case a person spends more time watching series or reading books or novels on a smartphone, one should buy blue-light reading glasses featured with magnification features. A person can read comfortably through these computer glasses.

Wire-Rimmed glasses

People who like delicate designs always fall for wire-rimmed glasses. They were quite popular in 2018, and they are making a comeback again. A girl should go with one design that offers metallic gold or silver touch to become a nice piece of jewelry that she can store in her jewelry box. If a person buys from a brand shop, he can get glasses with a nose pad and a pouch.

Tortoiseshell glasses

Nothing looks as stylish as brown-shade tortoiseshell glasses. People with an oval-shaped face should buy round lenses with curvy edges as this particular shape brings more glam factor into their personalities.

Gold-tone stem

Many girls adore exquisite details and finish their fashion computer glasses, so they should buy one with a metal bridge and gold-tone stems. A person might have to pay more for a statement piece.