Prescription contact lenses are convenient in more ways than one. For starters, while the frames of prescription lenses have come a long way, they can still get in the way of your favorite fashion looks. Contacts, on the other hand, allow you to fit your favorite looks and let that be that. Of course, this can be seen as a relatively superficial benefit, but a benefit nonetheless.

Fashionable, Not Forgettable

In addition to helping you achieve a more natural and fashionable look, contacts can prove to be far less cumbersome and risky. While it is true that contact lenses do come with their own required care routines, it is also true that you are likely to break them or forget them somewhere throughout the day once you have put them securely in. The same cannot be said for glasses. Those who opt to wear glasses will tell you that it is far too common to forget your pair on some surface somewhere or to have them fall while being out of the case and becoming subsequently lost or damaged.

The Evolution of Contacts

Without being constantly compared in a pros and cons manner to glasses, it is true that the contacts have come a long way in their own right. For starters, contact lenses today are far more affordable and accessible than they were in the early days of coming on the scene. There is a lot of variety for the taking and for much better prices than ever before. Perhaps, they are more comparable to prescription glasses in this regard.

Among the variety offered is being able to opt for colored contacts with prescription. If you have always wanted to try out interesting new eye colors, then now is the time. Colored contacts change the look and feel of one’s eyes when inserted. So, white contacts will change the color of the eyes to white, and blue contacts to blue, for example. This is a godsend in the fashion department, as women can try different makeup looks with their ever-evolving eye color, while men can finally where that shirt that bring out the natural color of their eyes (if their eyes were another color that is).

With all the options available today, it is always recommended that contact lense wearers weigh their options. Doing so may be as easy as asking about colored contacts with prescription the next time they speak with their ophthalmologist.