Countless people have the condition known as astigmatism. It results from an irregularity in the eye’s curvature such that incoming light bends in a wrong way. Things appear blurry so people need to come near objects to see them clearly. Although this can be easily corrected by wearing prescription contact lenses, many are not keen on changing their appearance or dealing with the inconvenience. Instead, they prefer prescription contact lenses. If you are looking for these, then compare options while keeping the following factors in mind:

Value for Money

Think about the type of contacts that you are going to purchase. Will this be for occasional use only such as when training and playing sports? Is this for a performance like a play or a similar situation? Or are you determined to use contacts every day of the year? There are daily disposable lenses that you can put on in the morning before going to work. Just take them off at night before going to sleep. There are also 2-week lenses for longer use and lower annual costs that require daily cleaning. Monthly contacts are also available.

User Comfort

Consider how comfortable it is to wear these contacts. Some tend to induce pain and dryness which can harm you in the long run. People who have tried them may be so unhappy with the experience that they go back to eye glasses for good. Contacts have improved over the years so this type of situation can be readily avoided. Just choose a product that is able to retain the eye’s moisture such as Acuvue Oasys astigmatism lenses. Each pair can also last for 2 weeks.

Quality and Performance

Check the reviews for comments about the quality and performance of the product. Is it durable? Can it provide great vision? Is it worth the switch? Read detailed blog posts and watch videos reviews, if available. Note the pros and cons of each. If you know someone who has been wearing contacts for a long time, then ask them for their feedback about the different brands that they have tried in the past. You can also ask your doctor for recommendations.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are wary about buying unfamiliar products online, then consider sticking to the most respected brands. You should also check if the seller offers a satisfaction guarantee that allows you to return the product no questions asked within a certain number of days from purchase. Study the terms of the guarantee so that you can avail of it if you need to.