Do you want to make a solid first impression on your next date? It’s good to explore a comprehensive collection of fake eyelashes. A 3D eyelash has been becoming a trend, but it might be too much for the first date. Thereby, go with something casual and light. It’s not just the date night when you can enhance your eye look with lashes.

Time and Occasion

As you can tap on various styles, it’s okay to get confused during the selection process. It would help if you considered timing and occasion while picking the right eyelashes. For example, 3D eyelashes are the perfect choice for a romantic dinner. At daytime, you should dial down the style by going with a light feathery design.

You can find party eyelashes that look amazing when you need to demonstrate your charm at a friendly get-together. Try not to wear eyelashes during a pool party because that specific occasion is not ideal for wearing them. It’s because you need to take the dip, so most probably, your lashes may slip.

A formal party look is incomplete without them, while a casual party demands casual styles. In case you are wondering about length, you better decide whether you are into funky or natural appeal. A Halloween costume requires you to go beyond medium size and try extreme feathery lashes. You can go as thick as you want as it won’t look odd at all. On the flip side, the natural appeal is vital for day events where your eyes will get heavier with lengthy and feather lashes.


The application of fake lashes is pretty simple. All you need to do is to measure your natural lashes with a fake one. If your fake lashes are long, please trim them, so they become a perfect fit. Once the trimming is done, curl your natural eyelashes and apply some mascara; it’s the best tip to blend fake lashes with natural ones.

Next, apply glue with cotton-tipped applicators. Hold fake lashes with tweezers. Take a hand mirror and look down to get a clear picture of your natural lashes line. Put the fake one in the middle as close to the lash line as possible and then set the corner. Press it with your fingertips and perfect your look with eyeliner application.

Never forget to apply fake eyelashes on your next special party and date-night because it’s how you amplify your charming look and appeal without doing much.