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How To Make A House More Energy Efficient

Ever modern home depends on electricity for comfort, security, and convenience. Household appliances consume energy every day to et us maintain our lifestyles. Many face a large total at the end of every month, resulting in high energy bills. Uncontrolled… Continue Reading →

Professional Lighting Audit In Oregon

Lighting systems usually consume a lot of energy because they are normally turned on for extended hours and every building has over a dozen lighting fixtures. Commercial buildings, on the other hand, have dozens, if not hundreds or thousands, of… Continue Reading →

Is Your Oklahoma Lighting Okay? Carry Out A Light Assessment To Find Out

We are always looking for ways to reduce the amount of energy used by constantly updating our lighting systems. Additionally, regular maintenance helps reduce wastage and unwarranted costs incurred. Lighting assessment in Oklahoma is an effective way of saving on… Continue Reading →

LED Grow Lights In Canada

When you want to create a thriving indoor garden, there are several things that you will need. The most important, however, is natural light. You will need natural light for the plants to grow healthily indoors. Since your home only… Continue Reading →

How Upgrading To Commercial LED Warehouse Lighting Reduces Your Energy Bills

In a warehouse, energy bills are often the biggest overhead. Surprisingly the lighting contributes much to the energy bills just like the warehouse equipment. So, you may find it ideal to upgrade your lighting to more energy-efficient designs. Maybe you… Continue Reading →

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