Lighting systems usually consume a lot of energy because they are normally turned on for extended hours and every building has over a dozen lighting fixtures. Commercial buildings, on the other hand, have dozens, if not hundreds or thousands, of lighting fixtures. If you want to save money and ensure your home or commercial property is properly lit, you should hire an energy and lighting auditor to check your systems. Since there are many energy/lighting auditors, you have to carry out some research before you commit yourself. Below are the main factors to consider when looking for reliable lighting audit in Oregon:

1. Licensing

Only licensed lighting auditors should be given any consideration. You want your lighting systems to be audited by qualified professionals who have also met all the minimum legal requirements. Before getting a license, electricians usually undergo rigorous training to ensure they can do the job properly. Be sure to check the state that issued that license, the license category and expiry date before committing yourself.

2. Experience

You do not want to hire a newbie to audit your lighting systems as they may not be able to do the job properly. Therefore, you have to compare the number of years that different lighting auditors have been in business and give preferential treatment to firms that have been around for many years and they have done thousands of similar jobs in the past. This will boost your chances of getting the desired outcomes.

3. Cost of Service

Since different auditors are going to quote different rates to audit your lighting systems, you have to do a comparison of those rates before you can make a decision. This is because you are looking for affordable services. Therefore, you have to get in touch with each of the the shortlisted service providers and ask them to give you their quotes before you do a comparison and hire the most affordable lighting audit in Oregon.

4. Guarantees

When planning to carry out an audit, there are three main objectives that you may have. For starters, you want to know what your current lighting bill is. Secondly, you want to reduce your lighting bill. Lastly, you want to illuminate your property efficiently by ensuring that every inch of space inside the building gets properly lit. The ideal lighting auditor should be able to tell you that you lighting bill will be reduced by half and so on. This type of guarantee will give you peace of mind knowing that you will save a lot of money over time by implementing the recommendations of the lighting auditor.