We are always looking for ways to reduce the amount of energy used by constantly updating our lighting systems. Additionally, regular maintenance helps reduce wastage and unwarranted costs incurred. Lighting assessment in Oklahoma is an effective way of saving on costs and maintaining safety around you at all times.

Why You Need To Carry Out a Lighting Audit

When you want to find out the current state of your lighting at home or even at your workplace, consider carrying out a lighting assessment. The assessment surveys the ability of a space to offer contrast, reflectance, luminance and illuminance. The main objectives for carrying out a lighting assessment include:

1. To Reduce Energy Costs

Once in a while, carry out a lighting audit to reduce any unwanted lights or improve the lighting options used. The assessment is an easy way of reducing costs incurred from unwanted and damaged lights. It is also one of the first steps of figuring out how to source of cheaper and efficient lighting solution for your space. In the workplace settings, lighting assessments can go a long way in boosting your organization’s productivity considering that well lit work places can help improve your employees’ productivity and efficiency ensuring maximization of output.

2. To Improve the quality of your Lighting

For quality lighting, consider factors such as walls, windows, ceilings and even equipment that may affect the amount of lighting in a particular space. Carrying out a light assessment also helps identify poorly distributed lights that can be reinstalled in the right places, ensuring proper distribution of light. Lack of proper lighting can cause health problems such as eye straining and unwanted accidents both at home and at the work place. Additionally, law suits, especially in commercial spaces, may arise; and to reduce this, one should always aim for proper lighting.

3. To be Compliant

The law requires a light assessment in Oklahoma for all businesses. This is provided for as part of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (or OSHA) regulations and the findings are always documented. A business should always carry out the assessment to ensure lighting in their business premises meets the appropriate lighting standards to avoid work related hazards.

Lighting audit in Oklahoma can be carried out by individuals (DIY) and professionals. There are professionals who offer free services while some may charge a small fee. Irrespective of the professional you decide to go with, always do a background check to ascertain their qualifications and reputations. However, if you carry out the lighting assessment by yourself, ensure you use the right tools for accurate results.