Parenting is a tough job, but you can take a sigh of relief by grabbing practical and useful newborn accessories. In this post, you will get an idea about some cool parenting gadgets that offer you a helping hand in the time of need.

Baby monitor

It’s a must-have newborn accessory. Install it in your baby’s nursery and keep an eye on your baby’s activity even when you are not around. One big fear every parent faces with a newborn is to disturb them while they are asleep. You can skip that fear easily through a video baby monitor. Turn on your receiver and check whether your baby is sleeping or awake. No need to go inside his room and take the risk of waking him up from his sound sleep.

Bath scale

It is one of the useful newborn accessories that make your life easier. Parents have a concern about the baby’s health. They want to know whether their babies are putting on weight properly or not. So, a quick health check is possible with a bath scale. Make sure you get an infant scale that can convert into toddler scale, this convertible gadget will grow with your baby and offer the best value for the money.

Vibrating mattress pad

Is your baby fussy? In this case, grabbing a vibrating mattress pad seems like a great choice. Vibration from a comfy pillow will calm down your crying baby in minutes, and you can feel relaxed too. This vibrating mattress pad will settle your fussy baby down and save your energy and time.

Pacifier thermometer

A proper check on your baby’s health is a requisite. So, think of getting a pacifier thermometer that keeps you updated about your baby’s body temperature. It is one of the useful newborn accessories that let you keep a tab on your baby’s health. When you know that heat is increasing than the normal range, then you can immediately plan a treatment session.

Electric nail trimmer

Baby’s nails grow very fast, and if you don’t cut them on time, then they might scratch their soft skin badly. To protect your baby’s skin from sharp nails, you need to get an electric nail trimmer. It lets you trim growing nails with the utmost comfort. Make sure you get a trimmer with different cushion pads, so it meets the growing needs of your baby.

Babies travel bottle warmer

Going to plan a trip with your baby? Nothing can bring more comfort into your life than a baby’s travel bottle warmer. Try to get a product that is compatible with all brands of the container. It would be best if you wrapped the heating band around the bottle, and it will get from cold to warm in minutes. A digital thermometer comes with an adapter that you can plug inside your car.