You need a reliable source of leads to grow your business. Nonetheless, several enterprises have attested to the fact that generating leads is one of their biggest marketing challenges. Among the major social media platforms, Linkedin has been proven to be a source of more than 70% of Business-to-business (B2B) leads. One way of obtaining significant leads from Linkedin is by creating campaigns. Here are top LinkedIn campaign ideas that you can leverage:

1. Sponsored inMail campaign

A sponsored InMail campaign earns leads by allowing you to send personalized messages right in the inboxes to your Linkedin networks. This way, you get to engage a relevant person in a meaningful and customized way. The messages have a call to action button that is optimized for computer and mobile pages. Additionally, LinkedIn delivers sponsored InMail messages to your online audience only. A successful tip is to start with a custom greeting and personalize the message to enhance the level of engagement.

2. Sponsored content campaign

Unlike InMail campaign messages that are delivered in the inboxes of your targets, sponsored content is placed directly in your audience’s news feed. Moreover, you get to use larger images and more text. Paying to showcase an engaging article or post is a brilliant way to earn leads for your business. When creating a sponsored content campaign, you need to access your company’s previous posts once you login in your LinkedIn campaign manager. Moreover, select a relevant audience and favorable campaign billing option.

3. Text Ads

You may opt to invest in the text ads which are useful for not only brand awareness but also traffic and leads generation. They are simplistic ads that appear on the upper right of your LinkedIn news feed page. Moreover, you can create several variations in each text ad campaign to enable you to determine the performing images and texts. You may opt for cost-per-click (CCM) or cost-per-impressions (CCM) billing model. Text ad campaigns are easy to set up and manage.

4. Dynamic Ads

Dynamic ads, just like InMail campaign messages personalized experience to your target audience. The campaign allows business marketers to deliver experiences tailored to business decision-makers. Dynamic ads help you build a personal relationship with your audience by taking into account the publicly available information from the users’ profile. Besides generating traffic, you can enable instant downloads of content such as ebooks and white papers directly from the Dynamic Ads.

High competition and massive occupation of companies in social media calls for business marketers to utilize innovative ways to earn leads and traffic for their companies. LinkedIn campaign idea has proven to be an indispensable tool for businesses to engage their prospects and generate leads. Consequently, take advantage of the power of sponsored content, Dynamic Ads, Text Ads, and Sponsored InMail campaigns to generate considerable leads for your business.