With Bond and Rent Advance in New Zealand, you will have the ability to check all profiles and their references. You will thus have an idea of how the work is done by a certain professional and you will be able to make the best choice for the installation of aluminum windows in your home.

In the case, then, in which you are replacing with aluminum fins of the other types of fixtures, you will be entitled to the tax deductions provided for the 2018 Restructuring Bonus listed on the website of the Revenue Agency. One more reason to post a request on our Bond and Rent Advance in New Zealand.

Tax deductions and bonuses

It is not so simple to request one of these two deductions (in the case in which the work is eligible for both, only one can be requested). There are some criteria to be met to become eligible:

The replacement of the windows will have to be part of a larger renovation work, which therefore involves particularly delicate areas of the house (screed, electrical systems, plumbing, etc.). In case you are renovating the house, you can also deduct window charges. The rate is 50% in this case. It will have to be proved that the replacement of the windows or their installation improve the energy efficiency or the energy saving.

In most cases, the first is required, as it is almost certain that the application will be approved if there is a complete restructuring in progress, however the second offers the greatest tax benefits as a 65% deduction can be requested.

When you talk about windows and doors there is a question that affects everyone and that can decisively influence the choice of the product: you are talking about the price. What are the window prices? How much will it cost you to change or buy them for the first time?

The answer to these questions is obviously not univocal: the prices of the fixtures can vary from one company to another, and especially depending on what your needs are. Specifically you can immediately identify two key factors that affect the price of windows: it is the chosen material and the type of window you want.

As you know the fixtures can be made with different materials and obviously, depending on the one chosen, will change costs and performance. If you want for example traditional windows, you could choose wooden frames; if you are looking for a modern solution, you could opt for PVC or even aluminum.