Wind can be vicious. The faster it gets, the harder it can be to deal with. Nearly all vehicles are equipped with a windshield to protect occupants from its effects. Thanks to this barrier, the driver and passengers can ride in comfort. It is made of a strong yet transparent material that allows motorists to see what is in front of them. However, it can get damaged if subjected to a high level of impact or pressure. The chips and cracks could blocks the driver’s view. This is a dangerous situation. Impaired vision can lead to accidents on the road.

Common Causes of Windshield Damage

1. Debris

Falling debris is one of the most common causes of damage. The objects can come from high above such as in the case of branches falling off trees. They can also come from other vehicles on the road like trucks carrying construction materials. The size of the object and the strength of the impact will determine the outcome. It would be best to park to the side and clean up the mess before driving again.

2. Hale

This can be a major problem during winter. One cannot really predict the exact time and place where a hale storm will happen. If your car is outside, then you might be unfortunate enough to be caught in it. Sometimes this phenomenon happens during the night. Owners wake up to find their parked car having a severely cracked windshield. It definitely pays to have an enclosed garage.

3. Stones

Even small stones and pebbles can wreak havoc if they are moving at high speeds. For instance, a car that you are following on the road may kick up pebbles along the way and send them flying to the back in your direction. Sometimes kids will be playing with pebbles or balls in the neighborhood and hit cars by accident.

4. Temperature

A quick transition from hot to cold temperature and vice versa can also cause damage to the glass. For example, owners might leave their cars baking under the sun through the day while they attend a meeting. Once they come back, they will try to combat the heat by turn the air conditioning on for cooling. Heat makes objects expand while cold makes them contract. The windshield may develop fine cracks due to the push and pull it experiences.

Repair or Replacement?

If the damage is minor, then save some money and have it repaired. If the damage is major, then do what’s right and call for Windscreen Replacement Perth specialists.