Most homeowners know how difficult it is to clean the tile and grout. Regular vacuum cleaning and mopping is not sufficient to clean the tile thoroughly. The surface of the tile may seem very smooth but it has micro pores. These pores collect micro particles of dirt, grime and liquids. Over time, it results in stains on the tile surface. Such stains are difficult to clean using general cleaning processes. Cleaning tile by hand can be laborious, uncomfortable and messy. It is almost impossible to deep clean tile by hand using home cleaning equipments and supplies. Tiles are designed for easy cleaning but even the smoothest tiles can start looking stained and dirty after several months. The smooth surface of the tile is quite easy to clean with the vacuum machine. The surface can be wiped clean with a mop. However, such regular cleaning methods are not sufficient to remove deep stains. It is better to call professional Brisbane tile cleaners.

Professional tile cleaners in Brisbane use industrial grade special cleaning equipments to deep clean tile surface and restore its luster. It helps improve overall look of the place. Special equipments used by tile cleaners include high pressure steamers. This type of cleaning device achieves better results than home cleaning equipments. These machines are operated by trained technicians. They first inspect the floor and determine the best treatment technique and process. They use special cleaning agent made for cleaning tiles.

The steam cleaner is used to deep clean tiles. It releases hot water under high pressure. The device has a vacuum machine as well. It is the vacuum machine that goes to work first. Once the loose dust and dirt particles have been removed; the steam function of the device is initiated. It acts deeply in the tile surface and removes even the most stubborn dirt from the tile pores. The heavy duty industrial grade steam equipment is highly effective for this purpose. The contractor uses special cleaning solutions with the high pressure cleaning equipment.

While the cleaning appliance used for this purpose may be industrial grade machine, it is gentle and safe for the floors. After cleaning the tile, a coat of sealant is applied. It helps protect the tile from staining and abrasion. The sealant penetrates the tile surface and creates a protective barrier against stains and spills. It ensures the tile retains its luster for long. The tile and grout are cleaned to the highest cleaning standards. Services of Brisbane tile cleaners can be used for cleaning all types of tiles, including tiles made from granite, marble, travertine and slate. Profession tile cleaners bring the shine back on ceramic and porcelain tiles.