It’s hard to be away from the Internet when so much of our lives revolve around it. We go online to do our work, book our flights, chat with friends, post our photos, check the news, and so on. Those are easy enough to do when we are at familiar spaces like our homes and offices. They are much harder when we are in unfamiliar environments, especially in foreign countries. When we travel for work or pleasure, getting constant connection is a pain as we can’t rely on our home networks. One solution is to use a global Wifi pass.

Fast Connections

Why Wifi? Because it is a lot faster than 3G technology which is what’s available in most of the world. Slow connections are fine if you are only browsing text sites. However, those that are heavy on images and video will send your browser crawling. It can be frustrating to stream a live sports match, for instance, when you have turtle-paced Internet. If you are used to instant gratification, then you might get stressed as 3G might not always give you that. Wifi, on the other hand, has proven to be more reliable in providing high-speed connections.

Low Costs

Another reason to avoid 3G networks is the cost of data consumption. You would need to pay ridiculous amounts of money just to get the content you want. This might not be much of a problem if you are only using your phone to chat and browse low-resolution images. However, the charges can quickly go through the roof if you are streaming music or videos. Transportation, hotel, and food costs are expensive enough when you are on vacation. Internet should not be another burden to bear. With Wifi, you can avoid all of that in a snap.

Internet On-the-Go

Most hotels offer free Wifi to their guests. Indeed, this is frequently a criteria for selection among travelers. They can surf the Web in their own rooms or at least at the lobby where the signal is strong. The problem is that they no longer have the ability to go online as soon as they step out of their hotel. What if there is a need to check the bus schedules while out in a mall? What if a flight needs to be rescheduled due to a change of plans? A global Wifi pass can save the day.

If you are making travel plans, then make sure that you include strategies for dealing with the Internet connection while abroad. A global Wifi pass might just be what you need.