With the world advancement, you can now create an electronic signature for your entire online document for easy and fast approval. All you need is a few ideas on how to do it, and you are set to go. There are many ways you can use and still get your electronic signature-ready, but some are not reliable. The point here is to ensure that the option you chose is safe and perfect. Keep in mind each method you use is simple, and you can try it; you don’t have to pay someone to aid this process. And here is are some ways you can quickly generate your signature.

How to Create Electronic Signature Guide for You

Practice your Signature

You have to know well your signature before opening the stylus app for the signing. Take some time and practice your signature, but this time it should not be in the paper but on the screen. There is a greater difference in writing your signature on a piece of paper and on your mobile phone screen. If you have tried and the name failed to look like the original one, then you have to repeat. To avoid too much waste of time, you should have enough practice before drawing your signature in the stylus. When you are ready, then open your stylus and simply drag your signature on the screen using your touch kit, and the signature will be generated automatically.

Download the image

When you have your original signature stored in the stylus, then you wish to stick it to your documents. The only way to have it in a soft copy that you can easily access is by uploading the image and clear the image of your new signature to any of your document sign accounts.

Using a Cursor or a Mouse

If you find other drawing options are not getting the real sign, you can try to use your mouse and drag it to your design. An electronic signature is all about getting your sign online for authorization of your documents. It should not cost you a lot of time and money; you can even customize your own. If this still fails, you can consider the use of the keyboard. This simply works if the above two have failed, you can have your name as your signature by just typing your name. And choosing the right font that you can recognize or the one that matches your original wet signature.