The idea of reading bedtime story books to your children is an excellent one. This is because children just love it when you read story books to them. It is not just the children who enjoy the experience when you read story books to them at bedtime. Most parents find this a pleasurable experience because it helps them connect to the children. Below are some of the benefits of reading bedtime story books to your children.

Arouses Healthy Curiosity

Some writers of bedtime stories for children deserve the Nobel Prize for Literature. This is because most of these books have that perfect blend of suspense, great characters and an interesting story line. These stories are simply magical in the sense that they arouse healthy curiosity in the children. These books appeal to the imagination of the young ones and foster creativity at very early stages in the lives of these children. These things might seem like simple benefits but they help the children later in life.

Improves Reading Skills

One great benefit of reading story books to your children is that this simple habit improves reading skills. When you read story books to your children, the words arouse their interest. Even if they cannot read and write, they can listen and they can hear. The words they hear transport them to the places where these books are set. They want to learn more and they want to live the stories they enjoy so much. Now, these books have pictures so the kids try to follow the stories using the pictures in the books. From these simple efforts, they develop an early interest in books and reading. In fact, experts in education have established a strong link between reading to children and the development of reading skills in such children.

Enjoying the Story

Another wonderful advantage of reading to your children is that you and the kids can simply sit back and enjoy the experience. Some of these books are didactic so they teach the children moral lessons. Others are just exciting so they give the kids a sense of adventure. Some of these books feature heroic characters and this makes the children aspire to be like the characters in their favorite story books. It is not just the kids who enjoy these story books. Maybe your own parents read these books to you when you were a child. Now, when you do the same thing for your kids, you rediscover the magic of these story books. This is a win-win situation for all the parties involved.

Final Word

It makes a lot of sense to read story books to your children. Make this a habit and your family will enjoy all the benefits discussed above.