There are so many best etiquette books to read, but which etiquette book one should you start with? Some are more practical than others. Some are more practical and can even save you a lot of time. Here are five of the best: Politeness, Kindness, Ages, Countries, and more. These books will help you develop the right attitude and be the best person you can be in every situation.


The laws of politeness are based on human hearts. They require us to be empathetic, considerate, and friendly to everyone, no matter the circumstances. True politeness is always expressed with a sincere desire to please others. Its outward forms change as time passes, but it remains the same: we should strive to be kind to all. If we are not polite in our hearts, we will not be considered to be nice. In our daily lives, we are expected to extend these courtesies to others.

The best etiquette books to read teach you how to act politely and effectively in any setting. Books like How to Be a Lady and 50 Things to Remember are a good starting point. These books focus on proper manners, which are important for young women to develop. Other great books on etiquette include The Ladies Book, a 19th-century guide to proper manners. If you want to learn more about being a man, read The Art of Manliness. This book includes the seven virtues that make you a well-mannered person.


These days, there are plenty of children’s books about manners and etiquette available, but few are as poignant as books on kindness. There are many examples of kindness, from the simplest gesture like saying hello to the largest ones like helping the community. No matter what the occasion may be, there is a book for kids about kindness that will help you learn how to be kind.

One of the best fables about kindness is Aesop’s The Three Little Pigs. In
this book, a boy learns how to be kind and generous by planting seeds. One good deed prompts a chain of good deeds and inspires more kindness. One such book is Kindness Grows by Jerry Pinkney, a retelling of an old fable. It is a sweet, rhyming tale that will inspire young readers to be kind to others.


“Civility in All Situations” by Norbert Elias is a beautiful book about the evolution of etiquette in Western societies. This study, published in German during World War II, tracked historical development in table manners to modern mindsets of men and women in the workplace. It examines how social attitudes influence the development of individual psyches. The book also explores the history of courtly etiquette, which banned the display of bodily functions in public, and the rise of community standards that imitated noble values. As the 19th century rolled around, civility was a defining characteristic of well-mannered individuals.