If you have weekends free, then consider signing up for classes to make them productive. There are lots of things that you can do from drawing to cooking to running. You may even sign up for dancing classes in any of the studios around the city. In dancing classes Caringbah instructors will lead the group through high energy routines for a good sweat and a nice time. Many have it available on weekdays as well so just check the schedule and find one that matches your availability. You can bring your friends with you as well for bonding. This activity will bring you the following benefits:

Stay Fit

Dancing require full-body movements. It raises the heart rate and makes the muscles work. Do this regularly and you will feel the difference. Although you may get tired at first, your body will quickly adapt until it craves for the next session. You will feel stronger and your endurance will be much better. Your clothes may also start to feel looser thanks to all the calories you burned without even noticing it. Soon, you will be able to fit into your old clothes and walk with more confidence. Supplement this with other activities like bodyweight exercises for even greater gains.

Have Fun

One of the best things about dance is that it is undeniably fun, especially if you find a class that plays your kind of music and busts out your type of moves. You will not even feel like you are exercising. Unlike other form of fitness activities, it does not really feel like a chore. You will not be dragging your feel to these sessions. In fact, you might get giddy at the thought of coming back right after the first class. The instructors will make the whole things enjoyable for everyone. You will be able to learn a lot of new steps which you can also practice at home.

Make Friends

For the highly social individuals, these classes provide the opportunity to meet new people and form lasting friendships. Meeting friends is quite difficult for adults since there are less chances of finding people who share the same interests. We never really meet anyone regularly except for our colleagues at work, unlike when we were at school where we met another person almost every day. By having a hobby, we open the doors to discover more people to talk to and share experiences with. We can pursue the same goals, not just in these fitness classes but also outside by pursuing other activities together.