In an era of minimalism, a lot of people are more conscious about what they purchase. They try to make sure that every piece of furniture in their home is essential instead of just being there for the sake of tradition. Some might even forego of things like the bedside table. While it is possible to make do with less, this particular piece of furniture can prove incredibly useful. When you buy bedside table for your bedroom, you give yourself the following:

A Home for Your Bedside Lamp, Wireless Charger, and Alarm Clock

Some items are meant to stay close to your sleeping area. For example, you probably want a night lamp near your bed so you can read a book or find things quickly without having to get up and turn on the main lights. The muted brightness of the night lamp provides illumination without disturbing your partner on the other side of the bed. You might also want to set up a wireless charger for your phone within easy reach. You may need the help of an alarm clock to wake up when you need to, especially when that is before sunrise. All of these can go on top of the bedside table.

A Temporary Holding Area for Glasses, Water Bottles, and Earbuds

After setting up the permanent residents of your bedside table, you may still have a bit of space on the surface. You can use this as a temporary holding area for transitory things. For example, you can place your water bottle here so that you can hydrate before going to bed or first thing in the morning. You could place your glasses here after you have finished reading your books. You could put down your wireless earbuds here after listening to a podcast or audio book where they are easy to spot. You won’t have to wonder where you placed them later.

A Storage Space for Your Wallet, Keys, Journal, and Jewelry

You can pick a buy bedside table that has storage space underneath the surface in the form of shelves or drawers. These can be useful for things that you might like to store away while you are not using them. For example, this is a great place to hide your journal. You can take it out as part of your night routine to write down the things that you are grateful for, the ideas that popped in your head, and the tasks that you want to complete the next day. You can also put your jewelry and accessories in the drawer, as well as keys, wallets, and so on.