If you are going to be the best man at your friend’s wedding, it is up to you to plan the stag party. This is the traditional last night that a man has to hang out with his friends while he’s still a single man; therefore, the part needs to be incredible.

If you are planning a guy’s party with cigars and drinks or a card game, you should consider hiring a topless waitress. Your guests will love to have a gorgeous woman who is half-naked waiting on them. If you are thinking about doing something like this, you need to know where to find topless waitresses. Fortunately, there are a few places that you can check.

Your Local Strip Club

One of the best places to find a topless waitress is at a strip club. The girls who work at these clubs take their tops off several times during a shift, so they are used to being topless. Also, many are always looking for a side job. You can spend just a couple of hours in the strip club, and by the time you leave, you should have a list of girls willing to take the job.

When you go to the local strip club, try to keep your search as low key as possible. There are some strip club owners who won’t take kindly to you poaching their talent. It is best to ask just one girl and hope she says yes. If the club staff catches wind of what you are doing, you could end up getting kicked out of the club before you can hire a girl for your party.

Google Search

There is a good chance that you can find an agency that has topless dancers and waitresses on staff. A simple Google search can bring you to one or more companies that have girls for hire. If you live in a rural area, you should be able to find an agency in the closest city.

Ask a Friend

This is the easiest solution to the problem, but you will need to have a good looking friend who isn’t shy. If you can find a woman willing to work for your friend’s stag party, you won’t need to do much leg work.

If you are responsible for throwing your friend’s stag party, you need to make it good. For many guys, the one time they get married is the only time, which will be their one and only stag party. Hiring a topless waitress will make it a party that he will never forget.