Printed circuit boards are essential to the proper operation of a product. This is why finding the best manufacturer is crucial. There is a lot of PCB manufacturers prototype to choose from, which makes the selection process challenging. To help you, you need to out for key things when making this crucial decision.

Ensure that they have a proper set of guidelines. Most of them poorly source and maintain resources and guidelines as they are more focused on mass production. Having proper guidelines is crucial in every production company to avert mistakes. A set of guidelines also enables a production company to maintain repeatability throughout the production process.

Consider the minimum order quantity. A prototype is an initial stage design which is predisposed to changes. The service you hire should be open to negotiations regarding the minimum quantity that is within your budget. As a designer, you can negotiate with a service offering more orders in future.

Consider the cost. The printing business is quite competitive, but the internet has made it easy to check and compare quotes from different service providers. It is paramount to keep in mind that cost and quality do not always go together. Service providers with better technology have better materials and will undoubtedly quote higher prices. Always choose quality over cost.
Consider the product quality. You need to explore the quality of the product and the control processes provided by each service provider. Some things to look out for is the use of engineering change orders, statistical process control, material inspection, equipment calibration, file administration and more.

Ensure that they are stocked on basic components. Printed circuit board assemblers have components such as capacitors, inductors, resistors, transistors and more. These stocks come in handy when you do not stock them yourself. It also makes inventory stock-keeping manageable.
Consider customization options. PCBs are susceptible to change. They can change in size, component-wise or even change take an entirely different shape. Hiring a service provider that does not offer customization options can only do you more harm than good. Choose one with the proper tools to provide what you envision.

Look out for industry experience. It goes without saying that experience in any industry will guarantee better services. You need to go with players who have been in the industry. Look out for the track records as well.
You should choose PCB manufacturers prototype that has your best interests. The above tips will guide you in the right direction.