Southern Pride T Shirts are taking the country by storm. Maybe it’s because of the popularity of country music and all those songs which highlight the wonderful of the life of southerners. Songs like, Amos Lee’s Southern Girl or Buddy Jewel’s Sweet Southern Comfort. Whatever is sparking the pride southerners want to proclaim, Southern Pride T-shirts are giving folks an opportunity to broadcast their favor.

Some of the sayings on T-shirts are the most common ones that confuse northerners or foreigners unfamiliar with southern slang. “Y’all” is a popular theme on Southern T-shirts. Every English speaker over 50 who travels has encountered an experience that includes a discussion about this phrase with a southerner. Southerner can attest to their exhaustion with the endless discussions they’ve had with others over the comfortable way southerners refer to everyone.

Still southern Pride T Shirts offer a way for anyone from south of the Mason Dixon Line to proudly acknowledge what makes them feel good about their roots. Pride can be extracted from the simple mention of a southern state, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, Georgia, the Carolinas, Virginia, etc. Add to that native elements of that state and you see the emergence of a smile from a southerner.

“Rodeo Girl”, “Smooth as Tennessee Whiskey”, “Hill Billy Pride”, “Proud to be a Redneck”, and the list continues. There are so many phrases that are words that engender feelings of home in a southerner’s heart. These are just a few of the most popular. These phrases even go further in stating out right why it’s great to be from the south. One of the favorite sayings that exhibit pride in the southern way is “Here in the South we don’t hide crazy; we parade it on the front porch & give it a sweet tea”. Another way to celebrate what it means to be southern is “I speak fluent Hillbilly” and “How’s Your Mama N ‘Em”.

The pride is flagrantly displayed in more aggressive T-shirts. Shirts that bring the point home like “Kiss my Southern Attitude” and “I don’t have an Accent Y’all do.” Some of the T-shirts even get a laugh from or raise an eyebrow of the observer: “Blame it on my roots” inside the shape of Oklahoma state and “Getting Lucky in Kentucky”.

It’s fun to proclaim the unique characteristics of your origins, especially if you’re from the south, a very colorful group of states. Southern states have been poking fun at themselves for centuries, still they have a lot of well deserved pride in everything and every great mind they have yielded and produced. The south will always be great and respected even though we all get to occasionally laugh with the honest and reflective southerner.