From box-pleated A-line skirts with a longer hemline to pink gingham crops reminiscent of old world pinups, vintage-vibed styles are showing up everywhere for spring. While we are seeing these old world styles sashaying down the block, the look is also catching on underneath it all. From the antique bra silhouettes of the 50’s to tantalizing thigh highs from the burlesque era, these 4 staples of pinup style are trending big and you can find this vintage-esque lingerie online in Australia if you know what to look for…

The Bullet Bra

While this shape is a bit difficult to find these days, it can be done. The bullet bra was responsible for the sultry silhouette of sex kittens like Marilyn Monroe and Gene Tierney, pushing the breasts out not upward. This made even smaller busts appear larger, perhaps even more so than the modern day pushup bra.

Thigh High Hose

These panty hose were not always for burlesque shows or sultry outfits. Many 40’s and 50’s housewives wore them beneath their most elegant dresses. Whether you are going for the innocent look or something a bit more risqué, you will find the solution in thigh highs that can turn any lingerie set into a vintage throwback.

Long Line Bras

While you rarely saw these on pinups, you have seen the long line bra in black and white cinema without ever realizing it. This was the go to style for onscreen dresses, hidden just beneath the surface. Costume designers especially loved the u-plunge which lifted and separated perfectly for strapless gowns.

High Waisted Panties

Pinup girls were so sexy not because they had amazing bodies but because they left something to the imagination. The shape of high waisted panties also helped to whittle the waist which was especially flattering considering many vintage pinups did not have naturally flat stomachs.

The Cone Bra

Not for the faint of heart, the cone bra was the va-va-voom sister to the bullet bra. The cone bra’s point is much more extreme. Think early 80’s Madonna and the Vogue tour – but long before Madge, pinups were sporting this bold style and making it into the pop-icon piece that it is today.

From high waisted panties that create that tiny waist and perky bum to the statement shape that the cone bra portrays, bring these vintage pieces into your top drawer and get ready to fall in love with an era that you never got to experience first hand. Whether you are somewhat of a vintage expert or are just becoming interested in eras gone by, it is incredibly fun to experiment with the fun vintage and the elegant lingerie online in Australia that fashionistas adore.