Breathwork means therapies that use breathing techniques to improve physical, emotional or spiritual well-being. There are different types of breathwork techniques that use methods from yoga and other traditional practices combined with Western psychotherapy or other modern therapy methods. A Breathwork Teacher can teach these methods in private sessions or in group sessions.

The Power of the Breath

Yogis and meditation practitioners have known for thousands of years that the breath has an effect in physical well-being, the emotions and the mind. Breathing affects stress levels, focus and concentration skills, our ability to relax, our heart rate and many other body functions. By changing the rate of the breath and the ratio of inhalation to exhalation, yogis have been able to slow down their heart beat and even enter higher states of consciousness.
“Breathwork” refers to modern methods that use techniques from eastern practices such as yoga or t’ai chi, and combine them with methods from western psychotherapy and other therapies. A certified Breathwork Teacher will teach you to use conscious, connected breathing for the benefit of the body and the mind. Breathwork is used as a therapy that connects the body and the mind, it can be used as a personal development tool, and it can also be used as a spiritual practice.

Who Can Benefit from Breathwork?

Almost anyone can visit a Breathwork Teacher to improve their physical and emotional well-being. This therapy will help to calm down a busy mind, to relieve stress, to release blocked emotions, and to increase awareness. Breathwork is used by people who suffer from anxiety, trauma, post-traumatic stress, mild depression or chronic pain.
Breathing can reduce stress levels and calm down an anxious mind. Breathing in a more conscious way may help to relieve physical tension, too.

Breathwork helps you to become more aware of the breath and how it affects your body, your mind and your emotions. Increased awareness about the breath also increases body awareness. Emotional blockages can be released. Breathing techniques can also prevent stress as you learn to use the breath to release tension and to become more balanced and aware in everyday life.

Breathwork uses the power of the breath for mental, physical or spiritual well-being. If you want to get started with breathwork, you can find introductory videos and audio guides or you can join a workshop or a course. One of the best ways to learn more about this method is to find a Breathwork Teacher who can guide you to breathe more consciously in one-on-one lessons or in small groups.