Testosterone is the male sex hormone responsible for sex drive, sperm production and hair growth. This hormone is also responsible for bone and muscle health. Under normal circumstances, your body should be able to produce as much of this hormone as you need. However, you can lose testosterone as you age. Chronic illness and hypogonadism may also cause low testosterone levels. Below are some effective ways to increase testosterone production.


High-intensity exercise can boost your testosterone levels. This system works perfectly if each exercise session lasts just about 20 minutes (including warming up and recovery time). You can use a treadmill for your high-intensity workouts. You can try swimming, jogging or running in place. For best results, start with just 3-5 minutes and increase the exercise time as you get better.

Cut out sugar

Too much sugar is bad for your testosterone levels. Unfortunately, many people eat a high-sugar diet without knowing the implications of this on their testosterone levels. Cut out soft drinks, energy drinks and high-carbohydrate foods. You should also cut down or completely avoid snacks like pizza, pies and cakes. In addition, you should stay away from white flour, and replace processed foods with natural and organic foods.

Increase your zinc intake

Zinc is a vital mineral for testosterone production. The problem is that you may not get as much of this mineral as you need from your diet. For this reason, you should take a zinc supplement every day to boost testosterone levels. Take up to 40 mg a day and you will notice amazing results.

Take Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an important steroid hormone and it is essential for the development of sperm cells. It also boosts, libido and increases testosterone levels. In fact, a study confirmed that people who received Vitamin D supplements noticed a significant increase in testosterone levels after one year. Take 50-70 ng/ml of this vital hormone and you will notice a positive difference.

Reduce stress

Stress is bad for your testosterone but it is not possible to eliminate stress so you can simply reduce stress levels to the barest minimum. Yoga, laughter, and prayer are some of the best ways to reduce stress. Meditation, deep breathing and positive visualization can also help you reduce stress.

Eat testosterone-friendly foods

Some of the best foods to boost your testosterone levels are egg yolk, avocados, coconut and coconut oil. Others are palm oil, olives, almonds and pecans. Milk, (whey protein) beef and butter are excellent choices too.

Final word

These are some of the best ways to increase testosterone production. Try them out and they will definitely work for you.