Custom phone greetings are messages that people make for use on the phone to greet the caller. An outgoing call message can contain company voicemail greetings or personal greetings, such as an incoming message, auto-attendant, etc.

Multiple Uses of Phone Greetings

Custom messages or greetings are applicable for various extensions, voicemail boxes, and main menu. If you want to have a personal statement for your spouse’s cell phone, you can set one up to her mainline and voicemail. If you need to have an emergency message for your employees’ cell phone, you can set up one for their mainline and voicemail.

If you have a call queue system for your voicemail, you can set up your greetings to go through this system when your customer calls. These messages can be programmed to repeat or only come when certain times occur, such as a customer’s first message in the day or a birthday message. They can also be programmed to go automatically through a customer’s entire call history if the customer leaves a message. If your messages are for your customers’ mainline, you can have the messages programmed to go automatically through the call log.

If you want to get a message to your customers through voicemail, you can have the greeting sent to the voicemail box or attached to the call. If you are using a dedicated customer service line, you will have your message saved on the machine and retrieve the greeting after the customer hangs up.

Prepare Your Custom Greeting

To make a personal greeting for a particular customer, you can either write the greeting or have someone write it for you. There are software packages designed for this for the PC and others for the MAC; it is possible to make your greeting. The most important thing is to keep your customer happy and satisfied with the quality of your service. If they feel like you are giving them the best customer service, they will come back for more. Personalization is critical in keeping the customers coming back for more. The custom greeting messages are an excellent tool to add personalization to your service.

It is crucial to keep in mind that when you make a custom phone greeting, it has to be something that the person will enjoy receiving and using. If the person is busy working or at school, they will usually not use the message. Still, when it comes to personalization, the recipient will probably enjoy the person’s name and the message.