you can consider taking some sporting activities that provide the right type of physical and mental exercise to keep you healthy at all times. Aerial Lyra lessons Sydney is one of these activities that help keep a person in shape. If you have no experience in engaging in this sporting activity, you need to enroll for lessons in a top brand school.

Not only is it a fun and exciting way to exercise, but it is also a good way of creating new friends and expanding your social network. It can also provide you with a new career choice where you perform quality payoffs. For these reasons, you need to know that there are different types of classes you can enroll in. Here is a review of the classes that beginners can take for aerial Lyra lessons Sydney.

Dance Technique

These lessons happen for a whole semester, which involves classes that are seventy-five minutes long and done twice per week. The contents for this course include seven weeks of trapeze classes as well as sling lessons. This type of class helps people who are starting to acquire the basic skills and venturing deeper into the new skills the students have learned. These classes are also helpful for experienced artists looking to master aerial arts to be more marketable in the industry. The skills learned in these classes aid people to build confidence and an appropriate foundation to complete complex moves safely.

Community Education

Such classes are conducted over four weeks, and just like the earlier mentioned class, it is done for seventy-five minutes. Only this class happens once a week. These lessons mostly deal with midair performances. The instructor will provide quality education on the different types of knots you can use and how to use them. You will also be provided with the right groundwork for climbing. It is important to note that midair performances are risky to perform. As such, enroll for these classes to ensure you know what you are doing when you climb to perform.

Beginning Aerial Silks

The main content for these lessons is silks. It is eight weeks class that happens once a week for one hour. For most students and instructors, this class is the most challenging. As such, you need to make sure you are spiritually ready before enrolling for these lessons. However, students can take drop-in classes though it is advisable to take full-time classes.


Not all these classes are suitable for everybody. Depending on your interest, strength, weakness, and needs, you can choose one or two classes that will be suitable for you. Also, choose to go for classes in a reputable school with highly qualified instructors. Ensure the school has the proper equipment to train on.