Our hands pick up countless dirt and germs on a regular basis. Most of us get the opportunity to wash our hands throughout the day but we don’t usually do the same with the objects that we touch all the time. For example, we hold our phones for hours every day but most don’t bother to clean them up. Given the ongoing pandemic, we should be more thorough when it comes to phone hygiene. Below are some tips that you might want to consider regarding this matter.

Avoid Sharing Phones

You should avoid sharing phones with other individuals. This is not only unhygienic, it also compromises your data’s privacy. Don’t touch other people’s phones are these could be teeming with viruses and bacteria on their surfaces. Unless manufacturers develop a sanitary coating that would instantly kill pathogens on contact, we should all exercise caution to be on the safe side. Some studies have even concluded that phones have more germs than toilet seats. That is something to ponder the next time you are tempted to use your friend’s phone.

Use Earpieces for Calls

If you are using your phone directly when taking calls, then you are forced to speak into the mic and possibly send out droplets onto the surface. If you are sick, then you may be making your device a vector in the spread of your illness. One solution is to use an earpiece for calls. This could be wired or wireless earphones or headsets, whichever you prefer. Just make sure that you take the same precautions with these accessories as you do with your phone.

Disinfect Regularly

You must phone hygiene your devices regularly. You could use alcohol and cotton balls for this or a similar combination. Be sure to power off the phone before doing this to avoid any complications. Put only a small amount of alcohol on the cleaning material. It should be damp, not wet. Squeeze out any excess liquid before wiping. Allow the liquid to evaporate before turning it on again. This should not take more than a few seconds. Make it a daily habit.

Restrict Use in Vulnerable Areas

If you are a frontliner, then you should avoid bringing your phone into vulnerable areas such as the cash register, the patient rooms, and the like. Your phone could get pathogens from droplets that land on the surface. Your workplace might already have restrictions in place regarding this so just follow the directives.