Good food remains good food irrespective of where one eats it. That said, there’s a fine line between eating out and dining out- and this distinction becomes wider when interior design comes into play. Modern diners demand high quality food in a casual, relaxed atmosphere. Fortunately, this can be achieved by careful consideration of fresh trends in cafe interior design Sydney.

Go Raw

Of late, restaurants have begun ditching the traditional tablecloth in favor of exposed wooden tops. Such trends that involve the use of natural raw materials in conjunction with exposed functionality will continue to grow. This comes as designers want to ensure the food remains the focus of the dining experience, not to mention the creation of a relaxed, casual environment.

Be Bold

Most restaurateurs are now using customized designs in their menus, with logos and graphics replacing the stock standard formats of old. This allows the brand’s personality to shine through and gives diners a unique experience. There’s also the trend of diners eating at the bar or at an open kitchen where operations that were previously considered ‘back-office’ are now exposed for all to see. This helps diners feel like they’re part of the activity.

Soft Relaxed and Tactile

The increasing growth of casual dining goes hand-in-hand with a design that conveys a humble, personal experience that’s all about the food. While steel, glass and hard edges are still popular, using softer finishes like soft-textured fabrics and materials helps set the design apart. It also evokes delicacy, helping diners feel like staying around for longer.

Don’t Forget the Brand

In the average city, there are numerous restaurants, each of which tries hard to set themselves apart from the competition. As such, the approaches and methodologies are as varied as the concepts that currently exist. While being fashionable with trends is certainly great, one has to be careful so that the restaurant never shows its age.

The best way to avoid this is by tailoring the design around the brand’s key theme. Staying true to the message that the café is trying to convey will help in delivering the great, unique experience most diners seek. In order to remain relevant, one should look at updating their look after every 4-6 years, with minor tweaks in between. And although it takes lots of thought and effort to create a relaxed, casual environment, one has to keep in mind that less is more. Overall, what really matters is defining the concept and looking for the most appropriate design elements that will create a relaxed dining experience.