If you have always wanted to enjoy a horse riding experience, but have not been sure where to look, horse riding Blue Mountains can be the right destination for you. Horseback riding can be an extremely fun and rewarding experience, one that you will never forget. It is unique in that it can show you the distinct relationship between man and beast, giving you the chance to ride on the back of an animal that has played a pivotal role in human development and history for millennia. With the right instructor and the right setting, you will be able to enjoy the ride at your own pace. It is unlike any other form of transportation that you will ever encounter, and you will want to come back again and again, just to experience the majesty again.

Blue Mountains horse riding can offer interested visitors a very wide and diverse range of horse riding adventures. These can range from beginner and entry level adventures to ones specially catered for experienced riders. The group provides all of their services at the Megalong Valley. They are located on a unique Private Wilderness Lodge that is set in over two thousand gorgeous acres. Here, you will have the chance to discover all of the spectacular beauty that comes with a riding adventure in the Blue Mountains. The experience itself is custom designed to let you enjoy a much larger sense of openness. You will be able to set your own pace and enjoy the ride in quiet tranquillity, and after the ride is over, you can relax further, unwind, and have some more quality time for yourself. The group is located just two hours from Sydney, and are well worth the visit.

This type of riding experience can let you escape straight to the country. There are numerous other packages that can be chosen as well, each of which can complement the riding. You will be able to select between a variety of private picnics, cooking classes, wine and cheese experiences, and even partake in some of the local bush food. The lodge at which you will be staying is gorgeous as well. There are seven bedrooms, all of which are ensuited, along with a guest lounge room. There is a beautiful indoor and outdoor fireplace, with over two thousand acres of stunning landscape to explore up close or simply take in at a comfortable distance. If you have always wanted to see what early life was like in the country, schedule your next unforgettable horse riding adventure today.