Sleeping under a blanket is cozy and comfortable, but the weight of the blanket can change the feeling. A heavy blanket can elevate your comfort and comes with various health benefits. Science behind weighted blankets come in different colors, sizes, materials, and shapes to help you choose according to your preference. The blankets have tiny pellets that add weight, and their weight differs for kids and adult blankets. The following is information on the science behind weighted blankets.

How it Works

The blanket provides a feeling of calmness by applying pressure on the body. It is a great stress reliever that lowers the heart rate. A low heart rate brings a calmness that helps you to remain stable. The blanket applies pressure therapy by inverting pressure on the body, a feeling similar to hugging or cuddling. The weight of the blanket, however, depends on what a person needs. Weighted blankets bring a soothing and calming comfort that you do not get from regular blankets.

Weighted Blankets and Autism

An individual with autism has a hard time in social interaction. This brings stress and anxiety such that the person may not perform well in various areas of their lives. An autistic kid can find play, the concentration at school, and socialization challenging. The blanket helps by keeping them calm from the overwhelming elements allowing them to relax. The pressure helps them to relieve stress and enable them to focus on a task. The comfort makes them feel like it is a reward, which can significantly help elevate their mood.

Weighted Blankets and ADHD

According to various studies, individuals with ADHD tend to improve when sensory interventions are introduced. One of them is the application of pressure. This is why many therapists recommend weighted blankets. People with ADHD are super sensitive and find it hard to control their emotions. They have difficulty paying attention or sitting in a still position. Introducing a weighted blanket helps in preventing distractions from stimuli such as sound. This helps in improving their attention such that they can concentrate on a particular task.


Weighted blankets are the best form of pressure therapy. They help in relieving stress, anxiety, and even insomnia. The blankets are ideal for individuals with various conditions like autism and ADHD. They are made from different materials and sizes to fit every need. They are filled with pellets to add their weight. The weight varies depending on the needs of a person.