When it comes to selecting shutters for your home, there are several important factors you should keep in mind. First, you must select the interior shutter type that best fits the room and space. If you’re installing these shutters in a bathroom, you’ll want a type that can protect against moisture while allowing you to control the amount of natural light that enters your space. To ensure that your shutters fit properly, consider hiring a professional installer to do the job for you.

Flat louvers

The first thing to remember when choosing louvers for your plantain shutters is that they are not all the same. The flat louvers should be about one-sixth of an inch narrower than the opening, and you should also make sure to buy ones with nylon pins that have a washer molded into the pin, a third of an inch thick. This will prevent the louvers from contacting the stiles. Lastly, you need to decide how many louvers you want and how tall your shutter panels will be.


If you’re in the market for custom plantain shutters, you may have come across the concept of midrails. These horizontal panels are not rotated but can be adjusted to allow light in or block out privacy. Midrails are available on wood and poly shutters, allowing you to adjust the top louvers independently of one another.

Hidden tilt

When choosing custom plantain shutters, you have several different options to choose from. The two most common types are the center tilt and the hidden tilt. The center tilt is the more traditional style and is great for homes with colonial or cottage-style architecture. The center-tilt shutter is attached to the slats with heavy-duty staples that make them easy to move. This makes them a popular choice among homeowners, though it can also pose a risk of damage to children and pets.

Wood curing and treatment options

If you’re considering getting custom plantain shutters for your home, you should know about the different treatments and wood curing options available. The correct treatment will help your shutters last for many years. There are two main options for wood curing and finishing. Both options improve the lifespan of the shutters and help ensure that they won’t warp or buckle.

Color options

Custom plantation shutters come in a variety of color choices. Some clients prefer a neutral tone, such as Bright White, while others prefer a more striking hue. For example, a warm cherry color is great for a rustic look, while a vibrant chocolate or shell shade is great for a more contemporary style. The color you choose should complement the rest of your home’s decor, including window sills and wall decor.

Door handle cutouts

There are two main options for door handle cutouts on plantain shutters: square and curved. The square cutout is best for doors with lever handles, as it won’t interfere with the view out of the window. But if you want to cover your entire door with plantain shutters, you can’t simply eliminate the lever handle.

Louver size

When choosing the right size for your plantation shutters, the key is to keep the proportions of your windows in mind. You want your shutters to look elegant but not so large that they overwhelm the room. The most common louver size requested by most customers is three-and-a-half inches, an “in-between” size that provides a balanced look.