Corporate wellbeing has become a critical issue across many different industries. With the epidemic of workplace violence reaching an all-time high, physical and mental health on the job has become a significant concern for employers. Studies have shown that most work-related injuries result from poor ergonomics practices rather than poor manual labor. A poor ergonomic environment can be hazardous for employees, especially those who spend a significant amount of time in a seated position for extended periods. There have been several reports in the past few decades of workers suffering from permanent pain and injury due to poor workstation conditions. This is just one aspect of wellness consideration. There’s a lot you can do to find programs that promote the corporate wellbeing of the employees.

By creating a corporate wellness program, you can help your workforce maintain optimal physical and mental health. This can translate into higher productivity, more efficient operations, a more robust, more profitable business model, and better employee and customer relations quality. A corporate health and well-being initiative will reap the benefits of a more robust business model and create a stronger loyalty among current employees. When you want to ensure your organization is taking the necessary precautions to keep your workforce healthy and contribute to its growth, a corporate wellness audit is an excellent first step.

Building corporate wellness programs also helps ensure your team members remain happy and engaged. Employees are more productive when they are excited about the work and about contributing to the growth of your business. When employees are happy and are looking forward to their workday, they are more likely to get out of the office and perform at their highest level. Team members that are happy with their position are much more likely to stay with your company and help to grow it into a dominant competitor.

In addition to having direct positive impacts on your business, corporate wellness programs will have far-reaching effects on your brand. A physically fit, confident, and healthy brand is a recognizable brand. In a world where the image is everything, your company’s image could mean the difference between success and failure. So by implementing a healthy and quality corporate fitness program, you’re not only benefiting your employees and your business, but you’re also boosting your brand and helping it to become a household name.

When you are ready to implement corporate health and fitness into your organization, consult with a corporate health adviser. An adviser can help you determine which corporate wellness programs will work best for your company and guide you in implementing those programs.